Our team combines the expertise of professionals with extensive background and experience in the field of foreign trade, operating with a talented young, dynamic and constantly trained staff. We proudly highlight our human capital as one of our main assets that enables us to deliver outstanding logistics services in multiple industries.

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  • 1838

    Don Bernardo Delfino, from Genova, Italy, was involved with the Cerdeña´s kingdom. He began receiving shipments at the Port of Buenos Aires from Cerdeña. Simultaneously, he established a commercial traffic using goletas (schooners) with the neighbor port, what is known today as Uruguay. Thanks to his initiative and skills in the business world, this pioneer soon gained a prestigious role and recognition among the society and within rising commercial community in Buenos Aires.

    Don Antonio, first Delfino born in Argentina and Bernardo´s firstborn, was the one in charge of the family business and soon shone among their peers, to the point of catching the attention of Teodor Amsinck, owner of prosperous company Hamburg Süd. Mr. Amsinck found in DELFINO the appropriate company for the reception of the vessels that were calling the River Plate coast.

  • 1874

    DELFINO overcame the great adversity that took place in the port of Buenos Aires at that time (local and foreign blockades against free trade, linked to political crises, in addition to clashes between sectors) and reached to concentrate, in 1874, 60% of the ships that arrived at that same port. But the company did not only grow in the River Plate; its horizons expanded to the Patagonia.

  • 1899

    Due to the development of farming, the sheep population growth and their respective production in southern territories, Don Antonio M. Delfino promoted the assistance of a german company to provide regular services to the Patagonian ports under the name of “Línea Nacional del Sud” which years later would become “Compañía General de Navegación Argentina”. This was made in consent with the government in order to satisfy the people´s demands.

  • 1922

    Due to the constant expansion of territoriial and commercial level, in 1920, DELFINO expands its activities to the organizations of cruises, events and international conventions.

  • 1934

    As part of his new role in business, between the emblematic episodes that make its leadership in the industry, DELFINO received and attended the LZ -127 ( Graf Zeppelin) aircraft after his transatlantic crossing in 1934.

  • 1960

    To answer to the necessity of a emerging commercial circuit in the world and from Argentina, DELFINO CARGAS AEREAS is born incorporating to their range from services, the security and the speed in international transport. DELFINO establishes its office in Ezeiza Airport and a stable, professional and highly trained management personnel by air cargo. Today the office is located opposite the cargo terminal chilled TCA in the old building of dispatchers.

  • 1980

    A globalized world demands a wide range of representatives abroad to cover the most remote destinations on the planet. In the early 80s, DELFINO, strengthens its network of agents adding an extensive international coverage, with the most important and prestigious air cargo agents. DELFINO gained and developed, an active position as a member of the key institutions of the sector: Transatlantic Navigation Center (CNT), the Argentina Association of International Freight Forwarders (AAACI), and the Commission of Foreign Trade, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America (AMCHAM).

  • 2000

    DELFINO expanded its horizons in regards to new global needs of international trade and transport. DELFINO added technological changes in the logistics industry, also developed and implemented computer systems to fulfill the requirements of its customers. Despite the macroeconomic environment in the region, DELFINO managed to be a leader in the market of international transport of perishable goods, with a focus on trading meat and fruits.

  • 2005

    Through its dedicated management, DELFINO organized and arranged  foreign trade processes for its customers. The IT Solutions Division became an essential tool for our customers. The number of customers seeking our support to automate the different tasks of each company (commercial, documentary, accounting, financial, operational) continued to grow. The tools provided by our programmers provide greater insight and control of the entire supply circuit.

  • 2007

    In 2007 DELFINO gives a new giant step by opening offices in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Thus, expanding its coverage area and at the same time, strengthening the synergy articulating its operational capacity through two strategic points, located on each banks of the River Plate Basin. DELFINO accompanies the development of the economies of the region, being part of a new historical chapter of the international export growth.

  • 2009

    In line with the prompt development of renewable, sustainable and clean energy in the world, DELFINO decided to create the Special Projects Department (Delfino Projects) to attend the renewable market projects. International training activities (“Managing Logistics for Capital Projects” in Houston, “PPG Education Course” in Bremen), plus long term practices abroad formed a team of first-class specialists in handling all sorts of projects for several countries of the world. By meeting the demands of its customers, DELFINO has become a solid and reliable project agent in handling components of the wind industry (blades, towers, wind turbines, nacelles, hubs, etc.) and hydro industry (turbine shafts, pre-distributors, crossarms, etc).

    We understand that the future of green energy projects is in full expansion. Therefore, we firmly believe that the continuous training of our team is critical, in order to be accountable with mentioned growth.

  • 2012

    As a result of the regional growth of its main clients, attending the dynamics of growth of the largest economy in South America, at the end of 2012 GROUP DELFINO opens offices in San Pablo, Brazil (Delfino Servicos de Logística do Brasil LTDA). Through our offices in Brazil, we provide logistics services for air / sea cargo and project cargoes.

    It is noteworthy to mention that our relationship with the neighboring country comes from early 2007. During that period we have been traveling, working, living and knowing the Brazilian culture, following the prerequisites for a successful “soft landing” in Brazil.

  • Today

    After the sustained growth of the various units in their respective countries, DELFINO Group seeks to consolidate the synergies, homogenizing its international presence under one brand: DELFINO GLOBAL. We are committed to the growth of trade relations between Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina; for this we aim to offer a professional service, where our regional customers can entrust us their logistics operations, both at origin and destination.


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